Wireless Home Alarm Systems

Why Wireless Home Alarm Systems are Better than Wired

Many homeowners are now considering a wired or a wireless home alarm system. One break in can have a devastating effect on an entire family. Although a thief may only be interested in lifting quick resalable items and any cash, the anticipation and fear of having a criminal violate your space can leave a creepy, suspicious feeling for years. Once a break in has occurred in a residential area, neighbors are ready to investigate the types of wired or wireless home alarm systems on the market.

There are many factors to consider when shopping for alarm systems. Entry doors are almost always a standard protected area but other parts of the house like windows, garage doors or even interior doors may be considered. The perimeter of the yard might be of interest in protecting your property from lawn furniture being stolen or damage from ornery kids. By selecting a wired system, a large outdoor area can get quite costly.

A wireless alarm system has no wires but is powered by radio wave frequency. Because there is no reason to dig up yards or find areas in your home to hide cables, most wireless home alarm systems can be installed by the homeowner. A single Lithium battery controls the operation and gives plenty of warning before needing changed. You can even use this same battery to operate your smoke detectors and eliminate the worry of changing 9-volt batteries each year.

Thieves are smart, or used to be. By clipping outside wires that run into the house, their chance of cutting the wire to an alarm system was pretty good. With no worry of an alarm sounding, they were free to enter your home. With a wireless system, thieves are confused. Unless very technically savvy, they have no idea how to disarm, or even find the source of the alarm. Most decide that a home protected with a wireless alarm system isn’t worth the trouble of breaking into.

Place stickers on windows and signs in the yard to advertise the fact that your home is protected by wireless home alarm systems and watch how your home is bypassed time and time again. In addition to saving money in repairs for damage done and replacing stolen property, you can also qualify for a nice discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Upgrades are easy because of no wires and having a security system company monitor your grounds is much easier.

Purchasing a wireless alarm system is a smart idea in today’s world. Make sure that you select the best choice that will keep your home and property secure. Wireless home alarm systems also have many add-ons like remote controls, panic buttons and sensors that can be placed or moved anywhere. Go with technology that is simple, affordable and dependable and sleep better tonight.

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