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Skylink SC-100 Security System

Skylink SC-100 Security System Review

If you want to protect your apartment, home or business without paying a monthly monitoring cost, the Skylink SC100 Security System is the best wireless home security system for you.

The Skylink SC100 Security System operates on both wireless and keypad control and features rolling code technology, which means fewer irritating false alarms.

Easy to Set Up

Many security-conscious consumers shy away from do-it-yourself security systems because they can be difficult to set up. Not to worry with the Skylink SC100 Security System. It comes with just a few easy pieces to set up at critical areas of your apartment, business or small home.

Wireless Control

You may not know this but high-tech thieves still break into a home you believe is protected. They do it by duplicating signals on a home security keypad. Scary, huh? With the Skylink SC100 Security System, you won’t have to worry about this happening to you. The wireless controller that comes with the Skylink SC100 Security System can never be duplicated by thieves.

Fewer False Alarms with Rolling Code Technology

According to the Los Angeles County Police Department, millions of dollars and thousands of man hours are lost each year due to false alarms. The most common reasons for false alarms are:

  • Incorrect Key Code Usage
  • Failure to Train Authorized Users (Babysitters, Housesitters, Relatives, etc.)
  • Failure to Secure Windows and Doors prior to Setting the Alarm

Skylink is one the first alarm system company to take an active step in correcting this problem. A rolling code, also called a “hopping code”, recognizes radio waves only from the remote sensor, virtually eliminating false alarms.

No Monitoring Contracts or Set-up Fees

One of the most attractive features of the Skylink SC100 Security System is there are no monitoring contracts. You pay one price for the initial equipment and pay again only if you decide to add more features to your system. Another great perk? The Skylink is so easy to set up; you can do it yourself without having to pay somebody else to set it up for you!

Skylink Calls Help for You

If your alarm system is tripped and you’re unable to get to a phone, the Skylink SC100 Security System works with Dial Alert (sold separately) by calling a pre-determined list of emergency numbers. When somebody picks up the phone, your pre-recorded message alerts your friends and family that there is a problem.

No Need to Drill Holes

With the Skylink SC100 Security System, there’s no need to drill holes or put wires into the wall. The Skylink sets up easily with just a few simple screws. This is an ideal feature for home or apartment renters.

Easy to Program

Unlike some DIY alarm systems, the Skylink SC100 Security System comes pre-programmed to work with the main control panel, so there’s no need to take the time to set up each component individually.

The easy-to-see lighted keypad comes in Chime, Instant and Delay modes.

Ear-Splitting 110 Decibel Siren

Some security systems sound more like a car alarm and may go unnoticed by neighbors and passers-by. With the Skylink SC100 Security System, as soon as an a would-be thief tries to enter your home, he’ll be blown away by an ear-splitting 110 decibels of shrieking siren that will send him running and help your way.

Customizes Easily

The Skylink SC100 Security System is ideal for use in apartments, small businesses or homes. The great news is, if you move into a larger home or office (over 3,000 square feet), you easily upgrade with over 30 Skylink security accessories such as:

  • Flood Sensor (Ideal for Basements)
  • Vibration Sensor (Protect Your RV, Boat or Valuables)
  • Motion Sensor (Outdoor Perimeter Protection)
  • Temperature Sensor (Perfect for Greenhouses)
  • Silent Alarm (Ideal for the Hearing Impaired)

and more!

Reliable Emergency Protection

The Skylink SC100 Security System comes complete with two door/window sensors, a light-up keypad and a wireless keychain for easy disarming.

What’s in the Box

The Skylink SC100 Security System comes with a control pad, motion sensor, two contact sensors, a keychain transmitter, AC adaptor, DC batteries, mounting materials and instructions.

Technical Assistance Anytime

The thing that may make the Skylink SC100 Security System the best wireless home security system in the world is the technical assistance. That’s right. Even if you bought this innovative system on a third-party website, you’ll still have 24-hour email access to technical assistance should you need help or have any questions.

Whether you’re looking to protect your home, apartment, condominium or business, the Skylink SC100 Security System is the ideal do-it-yourself home security system.

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